The Moment I Knew I Wanted To Make Music: Royal Castles

by - April 25, 2024

Photo courtesy of Dustin Seabrook

THE MOMENT WE KNEW? THAT’S EASY. Collectively we can all say we realized in the womb. We all grew up in homes filled with music even before we were born, which meant we were rocking out in utero (Nirvana pun intended).

WAIT, OR WAS IT WHEN WE GOT OUT? All of our parents played instruments and/or sang. We were fortunate to be exposed to real instruments before we could walk. AJ got drums before most kids get their second set of teeth. Katrin’s parents only stopped strumming their guitars to make sure their singing and dancing daughter didn’t get too close to the campfire. And the old acoustic guitar in Jordan’s dad’s closet was brought out to explore at every single request - of which there were many. And all of us were surrounded by loving encouragement. Pretty darn lucky.

BUT THEN AGAIN, MAYBE IT WAS LATER. There is something extremely magical when you realize that thing you are hearing and singing along to, you don’t have to JUST copy it. The same notes are at your disposal and you can rearrange them any way you like. You can make them your own. Take three chords and sing over top of them. If it sounds like a song, it is. That’s a crazy realization. Write a song. Then another. Then a hundred others.

OH CRAP, IT WAS WHEN WE FOUND EACH OTHER. The trick is finding people to make music with. People you love. People who make you good and make you better. All of us have been playing and performing music for decades, but sometimes you find that magical secret sauce with a new combo of people. Family band. Zero blood relation.

NOPE, IT WAS LAST SUMMER. Playing at our hometown festival, Hillside, in a sweaty packed tent, with 20+ beach balls flying through the air, people we don’t recognize singing along, our producer/pal helping us tune guitars, our other pal ripping solos, our pregnant persevering drummer locked in. It was pretty effin awesome.


xoxo RC

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