The Moment I Knew I Wanted To Make Music: The Vaniers

by - May 28, 2024

I think our greatest strength comes from our differences. Difference in music taste, different personalities, our different approaches to writing songs. It’s like organized chaos. As far as “the moment we knew”, it was the first time we jammed. It became deafeningly obvious we had something there.

None of us grew up in a particularly musical household - none of our parents played music, and we were never pushed to learn an instrument, but music was something we all naturally gravitated towards in similar ways. As music fans growing up near Toronto, we got music history lessons from Q107, stayed up watching MUCH Music (Canadian MTV), and were lucky enough to catch some inspiring concerts at a young age. The desire to actually create our own music grew from there.

Alex and Nick started playing music together on the grade school playground. Bonding over an early love for rock and roll, they picked up the guitar and drums and started a band with other like-minded kids at school. They wrote rinky dink songs partially credited to AC/DC or Aerosmith, and recorded them on a primitive mp3 recorder.

Alex and I met in high school and immediately connected over a strong desire to write music. We started a band with some close friends, and it was here where we really grew as musicians. We played frequent gigs in Toronto, got our first taste of recording in a real studio and even released an EP. Naturally, the band drifted apart as we each entered post-secondary, but Alex and I continued to write and make music. It wasn’t a question to us whether we’d continue playing, but we knew we needed a drummer. Our lineup came full circle when Alex suggested we reach out to Nick. Despite having not spoken to each other for several years, let alone touch his drums, we booked a jam room to test the waters. We walked away from that night knowing we had a band.

Seven and a half years later, we’re on our way to releasing our second album, and the three of us continue to write music that draws from each of our wide range of influences, with the hopes of finding our own sound. Somewhere along the way, it became clear to us that the music we truly want to hear isn’t out there, so we have to make it ourselves. I think it’s even safe to say that the “moment we knew” happens every time we get together and play. It never gets old.

- Diego Paz, vocalist/bassist

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