Spinning My Wheels: An Interview with Georgia Feroce

Georgia Feroce took a four-year break from releasing any music as a solo artist.

She collaborated with other artists, such as the track “All My Friends” with Matt Koelsch, and has been writing new material as often as she can, but the events of the coronavirus pandemic are what really pushed her to continue the process of finishing her debut full-length album.

“When COVID-19 hit, everything took a serious pause and I was able to reevaluate my plans and what I was doing because I had to,” she said. “No one could go forward with the plans that they had made before and in a way I think it worked out for the better in terms of my music.”

Since she was able to see the songs she had already recorded from a different perspective, it changed the way she planned on releasing singles. The first song she recorded, “Baby Blue”, was meant to be her first single but the more she listened to it the more she knew she didn’t want a ballad. The second song she had recorded, “My Own Head”, wasn’t what she was looking for either. Once she recorded “Must Be Nice”, she started to see the whole picture.

“Must Be Nice” is a departure from her previous material and made the energetic statement she was looking for. It also reminded her of a summer song, which made more sense for her release schedule.

“My Own Head” has been a staple in her setlist since she first performed it the same day she had written it. Initially she felt disappointed after the first performance because she didn’t believe that it was what she had envisioned, but after getting immediate positive feedback she knew that it was a song her audience could relate to.

“I could tell people connected with that song and it's definitely one I connected with,” Feroce said. “I think it was just me being really candid and it's interesting just looking back because I wrote it at a point in my life where I really don't know what I was doing as far as my career. I feel like my relationship and everything was in this weird space and I think we all have those moments in life where we wonder, ‘Am I just spinning my wheels or am I going somewhere?’”

She realized “My Own Head” was perfect for an end-of-summer release, meaning “Baby Blue” would be her winter single. “Baby Blue” is an ode to anyone like her who left their hometown behind in hopes of finding a purpose in life. It’s about finding someone that cares and having that support system to get through the good times and the bad.

“‘Baby Blue’ is specifically my inner child and it's this little innocent person that had these big dreams and they haven't lived enough life yet for someone to make them feel stupid about that,” she said.

Before she knew it, everything started to come together.

She knew going into this project that a full-length album was her end goal. She originally thought it would be a 10-song album but it grew to 12 as she found herself writing more during quarantine. Each song has its own identity, but they share a common theme of maturity. She has learned a lot since moving to Los Angeles six years ago and her songwriting has grown because of it.

Georgia Feroce loves having the opportunity to share the light and dark side of life through her music. The relationship she has with herself, others and the world around her inspires her to be as creative as she can while continuing to make music that she is passionate about.