The Time I Cried At A Taylor Swift Show

Photo courtesy of Dana Gorab
The ground was shaking like organized thunder, the bass drum erupting the stadium. A sea of lights as far as the eye could see; roaring waves of voices, unifying the crowd.

I felt like I’d just come up for the first breath of air after being underwater for a while; electrifying.

When I was 13, Taylor Swift’s Red Tour was the first concert I had ever been to and it was magical. She was my musical inspiration growing up. I actually would take photos of her album art on my little red digital camera so that I could look at them if I was away from my CDs. I would rewrite her songs in my journal so I could study how she structured a song. High-key Swiftie enthusiasm.

I’m not sure it was the fact I was actually in the same building as Taylor or if it was just the fact I was at an actual stadium concert with fireworks and dancers cascading from the ceiling, but I definitely shed some tears. My sister and I screamed each lyric to every song. It was a memorable evening that I’ll never forget.

- Abby J Hall, singer/songwriter