Exclusive Premiere: Lyra Star's "Light"

Singer-songwriter Lyra Star sprinkles a little bit of magic into every song she creates.

An independent yoga-loving dreamer, Star spread her wings past her hometown of Nashville to eventually find herself exploring and falling in love with the West Coast. Finally settling in the bay area of California, she became one half of the duo Wisps and Willows before realizing she couldn’t be contained and indeed needed to fly solo.

Her latest single, “Lights”, can be described as a combination of Sigur Ros and Lana Del Ray, and was written about experiences Star had in a relationship with someone who came in and out of her life multiple times. Sometimes, she said, you recognize that you have to let go of a person and as hard as that may be, you will always hold onto a small amount of hope that people will change.

"’Light’ is a song about falling for someone that's not right for you at the time and learning that it's best to close the doors for now, but not all the way,” she said. “It's about moving on, but also holding onto hope and the belief that certain people come into our lives for a reason and a connection can happen when we least expect it."

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