Chimneyside Chats with Kyle Richardson

by - December 05, 2021

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Gather 'round the open fire for Chimneyside Chats - a monthly feature with holiday stories from our favorite artists. See what's in their stockings this year as they reminisce on Christmas memories, share their favorite recipe and more! Here's what songwriter Kyle Richardson had to say:

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the Christmas season.

From the deep piles of snow that would cover my mountainside childhood home in the Okanagan countryside here in Canada to the holiday treats, festive decorations and the childlike wonder as to what Santa would hide under the tree that year, it is nothing but magical.

For me, a huge part of setting the Christmas scene has always been the holiday music that starts to trickle out on the airwaves shortly after Halloween. I found myself excited year after year to hear the latest holiday songs by my current favorite artists, alongside the classics that have permeated the winter months for as long as I could remember.

As I grew up and started working on my original music, I always had the idea in the back of my mind to write and record my own original Christmas song. I wanted the song to represent all the things I love about Christmas, as well as having a nostalgic vibe both lyrically and musically. It was equally important for it to fit in with the classics I grew up loving, while coming from my own perspective and providing a fresh vocal approach.

And so in 2019, I wrote a simple idea on my acoustic guitar and brought it to longtime collaborator Jeff Dawson, who helped me create the final vision of “Christmas Time This Year”, which I think perfectly captures the romantic wonder of the Christmas season that so many of us have.

I hope when you listen to the song, it brings back your own cherished memories of holidays gone by, and provides hopeful anticipation for upcoming Christmas seasons to be spent with loved ones.

Learn more about Kyle Richardson and listen to his song "Christmas Time This Year" on our Chimneyside Chats playlist!

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