The Moment I Knew I Wanted To Make Music: Chorus of Courage

by - April 11, 2024

Photo courtesy of Jen Squires

Music has always been my sanctuary; a refuge where I could try and make sense of the complexities of life experiences and human behaviour. But, like most things, the journey to becoming a professional musician was not a straight path. It was a weaving tapestry of serendipitous experiences, timing, emotions, courage, moving through self-doubt and fear, and endless curiosity and self-discovery.

Before songwriting and composing took shape, I found solace in the written word. Writing was my first love, a tool I used to process life’s ups and downs. Poems became my outlet and canvas. Through words, I could try and capture the essence and make sense of my experiences, the nuances of my emotions and the intricacies of the human psyche. Writing was more than a hobby; it was a lifeline, a way to integrate life’s experiences and find meaning in the chaos.

Then came my first guitar, a gift from my father. It wasn’t just any guitar; it was a symbol of love, a token of a father’s affection. A music store owner, indebted to my father, gifted him the guitar in lieu of payment. Little did I know that this guitar would become my confidant, and my gateway to a lifelong passion. My father’s passing shortly after gifting me the guitar added an emotional depth to my musical journey. I cherished that guitar like a precious heirloom, a tangible connection to my past and a beacon guiding my future.

As I grew older, my passion for music intensified. While pursuing my undergraduate studies, I joined a band and eventually had the opportunity to record my first album. It was a defining moment, a crossroads where I had to choose between my academic aspirations and my musical dreams. With unwavering conviction, I decided to take a year off from school to pursue music wholeheartedly.

For the next 15 years, I toured internationally as a songwriter, played in different bands and immersed myself in the world of music. It was a whirlwind of experiences; a rollercoaster ride filled with highs and lows, but through it all, writing and music remained my constant companions. However, life has a way of coming full circle. Amidst the global pandemic, I felt a calling to pivot and explore a new/old path. Fuelled by my lifelong curiosity about human behavior and the complexities of our subjective understanding, I returned to school and became a psychotherapist.

Today, music continues to be my tool, my medium of expression and my passion. My new project, Chorus of Courage, marries all my passions, allowing me to use the healing power of music to support others. By honouring the stories of survivors through the voices of artists, I aim to facilitate community healing, advocate for a more just and consent-based world, and help integrate difficult experiences.

In retrospect, the moment I knew I wanted to make music was not a single moment but a series of interconnected experiences, a journey of self-discovery, resilience and growth. Creativity has been my compass, guiding me through life’s twists and turns, and I am forever grateful for the gift of expression it has given me.

 - Cindy Doire, Chorus of Courage

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